Thursday, April 6, 2017

England that has vanished

'One of the great writers of the twentieth century.'—Independent'An enchanting book, an exquisite farewell, not only to childhood, and boyhood,but also to an England that has vanished.'—JB Priestly'Remains as fresh and full of joy and gratitude for youth and its sensations as when it first appeared.It sings in the memory'—Sunday Times'It has got… a marvellous morning freshness…There is hardly a sentence in it that does not set the sense of touch and smell, as well as sight and hearing, tingling'—Daily Mail'He had a nightingale inside him, a capacity for sensuous, lyrical precision'—Guardian'Lee was a poet whose deft passage into prose carried with it much of the rhythm and accuracy of the poet's language'—Mignon Khargie, Art Director of Salon

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